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Light Stands & Mounts

When buying a product from Kupo you buy quality. Kupo has completely forged their own path in the world of grip, by crafting innovative products and tools of high-end quality that are used by professionals worldwide. Kupo Grip offers a wide range of patented products such as, C-stands, Wind up-stands, Studio support and a lot more to get your photography even better.

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Light Stands & Mounts

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Kupo226MB Master Combo HD Stand - Black
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280,90 €
265,90 €
Kupo340 Quick Action Roller Stand Fold Up Base
221,90 €
Kupo070AC Mini Click Light Stand
93,90 €
KupoKS-018H Hex 16mm Stud with M10 Thread
11,90 €
KupoKS-229 Monitor Mounting Plate W/ Baby Pin
56,90 €
KupoKS-724 Front Box Bracket
84,90 €
96,90 €
51,90 €
KupoKCP-601 9" Super Viser Clamp
97,90 €
261,90 €
170,90 €
54,90 €
57,90 €
46,90 €
KupoCT-30MB Compact Turtle Base - Black
206,90 €
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KupoKAB-008-BST Apple Box Brown Stained - Full - 20" x 12" x 8"
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107,90 €
120,90 €
KupoKCP-240B 40" Extension Grip Arm - Black
50,90 €
KupoKCP-414 Super Grip Finger with Round Camera Plate
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79,90 €
KupoKS-168BL 6x8in Camera T Marker - Green
24,90 €
KupoKSB-036 Click Stand Bag - Large
80,90 €
KupoKCP-550 Adjustable Gaffer Grip
59,90 €
9,09 €

When buying a product from Kupo you buy quality. Kupo has completely forged their own path in the world of grip, by crafting innovative products and tools of high-end quality that are used by professionals worldwide. Kupo Grip offers a wide range of patented products such as, C-stands, Wind up-stands, Studio support and a lot more to get your photography even better.


A C-stand is a stand used in all conceivable areas in light, photo and video production. It can be used for light modifiers, flags, nets, silk, diffusion panels, reflective screens among others. Because the C-stand consists of so few parts, it is very easy to storage and take with you. A C-stand is also called a ‘’grip stand’’. The top of the C-stands leg is adjustable. The C-stand is the most versatile of any stand on set because of its functionality. Down below you will find our selection of C-stands.

Junior Stands

Robust, adaptable, and flexible are just a few features that describe the benefits of a junior stand. This super flexible steel light stand is really all you need to take your photography to the next level. The Junior stand is designed for both studio photography and for location. Are you a professional or a beginner? It doesn't matter. This is the light stand for you.

Lightweight Baby stand

Lightweight baby stands are a compact stand used for attaching lightning equipment. The stand is excellent for work at location or for studio work. Lightweight baby stands are flexible to take with you on your daily adventures. The stands are also adjustable for different heights. The lightweight baby stands are extremely secure to support large equipment on, for example softboxes. Because of its dual legs it provides extra strength and stability. Down below you will find our range within Lightweight baby stands.

Overhead stands

Overhead stands are good for rigging overhead frames. Its wide footprint is extra good for stability. The stand also has a single leg with sliding extensions for leveling on uneven terrain. An overhead stand is excellent when working with extreme heights and when different angles are required.  Down below you will find our selection of overhead stands.

Roller and Wind Up stands

Roller stands

A roller stand is a practical stand that can be used in a variety of ways. Ranging from heavy industrial to amateur working in the woods. You can easily attach mounting frames, lights and other light shaping tools. The added wheels allow you to work seamlessly when moving frames and lights around easily. Roller stands work perfectly for on location jobs and in the studio.

Wind Up stands

A wind-up stand does everything that you want it to do and even a little bit more. Kupo wind-up stands are constructed with chrome plated steel and a geared column that enables a single operator to lower and raise heavy equipment safely. The hand-crank helps you with heavy lifts and the crank handle is easy to fold back for travel. The self-locking mechanism is equipped to prevent the stand from dropping unexpectedly and making your work safer. Due to the metal construction it makes the stand very robust and safe working with.

Grips and Clamps

Focus Nordic offers a wide range of grips and clamps for mounting studio lights and video equipment. On this page you will find grips and clamps for mounting heavy equipment such as light equipment. The entire range of grips and clamps guarantees that there is always a solution for all object sizes and surfaces you want to attach them to.


Focus Nordic offers couplers to stand for lightning but also for video and photography. We provide couplers that you can use to load heavy objects but also for slightly lighter equipment. We have rotatable couplers, couplers with suction plugs that you can easily attach to a car for example. But also couplers that you can use to mount your LCD screen on a rod, for mounting adapters, grip accessories, monitor arms or even lightning.

Studio support

Focus Nordic offers a wide selection of studio support to establish the perfect studio set-up. We have everything from Backdrop support, Booms, Dome systems, Telescopic hangers, Tethering systems and much more. See down below our selection of studio support.


At Focus Nordic you find adapters for your video, lightning or camera equipment. We offer a wide range for everything you could possibly need. Adapters for fixing lightning, mounting for microphone stands. But also adapters for attaching your equipment in the best possible way.

Studio Accessories

Here with us at Focus Nordic you will find everything required in studio accessories to maximize your studio set-up. We offer ratchet straps, portable led lamps, gaffer grips, battery bracket kits, cable management, camera markers and much more. We can guarantee you whatever you need. You will find it with us.

Bags and Boxes

Apple Boxes/Boxes: Version for only boxes Boxes

An apple box is a solid constructed wooden box used for dozens of applications in the film set, such as adding heights to camera rigs, providing support to monitors, camera equipment or for leveling out dolly tracks. Or such as adding heights to actors or for the photographer. They can also be used as a step ladder. The apple boxes come in four standard sizes, full, half, quarter and pancake. Below you will find the boxes for your purpose.


We have bags that are designed to stabilize light stands, tripods, booms or dolly stops. We have bags that are refillable with water and bags for filling with your choice of material. Sandbags are an essential part of any stage or set. Use the Kupo sandbags on set to work even more safely. 

Lightning control

With us at Focus Nordic you will find all conceivable accessories in the light control segment. We’ve flags, frames, grip heads, flag kits and much more. We can guarantee you that we have everything to fulfill your studio equipment.

Camera support

Let us guide you through the jungle of accessories for your lightning, photo and video equipment. Below you will find everything you can think of within the camera support segment. Everything from rig kits, cheese plates mounts, adapters, ballheads, rigs and much more.

Arms and brackets

We offer a large assortment within arms and brackets. We have brackets that give you the opportunity to, for example, be able to use LED lightning and a microphone at the same time. But also brackets that are adjustable and detachable to free up space for cables and cable holders, we also have brackets that make the work of mounting batteries easier, with associated connecting gear.

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