YoloMax Live Shopping Solution massive touchscreen

The Ultimate All-In-One Live Streaming Studio For Live Selling

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Shape The Future Of Live Selling

YoloMax makes Live Selling possible for all brands, retailers, and influencers. Unlock awareness, engagement, sales through shoppable livestream video. Stand Out, Sell Live.

Stand Out, Sell Live.

Give your viewers a beautifully branded shopping experience that makes your livestreams stand out from the competition.

Elevate Your Stream with Multiple Angles.

Create Engaging Background with Chroma Key. Stand Out with Various Graphic Overlays. Amplify Your Sales Even After the Stream. Showcase the products from different angles by connecting multiple cameras that adjust with beautiful layouts. YoloMax supports 2 HDMI In ports and 1 USB In port for closeup & wide-angles to create the best viewing experience for the shoppers.

Create Engaging Background with Chroma Key.

Professional level green screen effect made easy with YoloMax. No complicated techniques required. With just a few taps, you can easily set up a virtual background and change it during the stream according to the topic, your script, or the response from your audience.

Stand Out with Various Graphic Overlays.

Brand your live streams like a pro with a bunch of built-in graphic overlays like lower-thirds, images, watermarks, custom logos, countdown timers and more. Graphics add a professional and polished look to any live stream and help you stand out from your competitors.

Amplify Your Sales Even After the Stream.

Record and edit your live streams and turn them into short shoppable videos that you can share everywhere. Reach new audience without having to create new content from scratch. Live stream ends, but your sales can continue.


Qualcomm 8 Core CPU

Expand the possibilities of connected computing and represent the ultimate in performance, power efficiency

32 Inch Monitor

See clearly the comments from your audience and engage with them lively , even you are 1-2 meters away.

Chroma Key

Seamlessly add different backgrounds or locations for your live productions with the Built-in Chroma Key in a few taps.

External Microphone

Connecting a microphone through the Line In/Mic In port or sound card via USB-C port to provide high- quality playback.

Multiple Control

Use the supplied wireless keyboard, or your own wireless mouse or touch control at your fingertips.


Select PNGs and GIFs from an external USB drive for graphic overlays, which you can connect via the USB port on YoloMax.

WiFi, Ethernet & 4G

Support Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and cellular data that provide stable network, so you don't have to worry about losing connection during streaming.

Multi-Cam Prodution

Connecting 2 HDMI and 1 USB camera and switch quickly between those shots for the best viewing experience.

Vertical & Hotizontal Flip

Flip video vertically or flop video horizontally for HDMI and USB port so the stream will look good to viewers (not mirrored).

Customer PIP

Add a picture-in-picture (PIP) effect to your live stream to feature a speaker during a presentation or and highlight key parts of your broadcast seamlessly.

Built-in Apps

Integrates main Apps including video, e-commerce and social media platforms so you can directly log in and start streaming.

Beginner Friendly

YoloMax can't be more user friendly, exactly like how you operate your phone and computer, no training needed.

In The Box

  • Yolomax
  • WIFI Antenna
  • 4G Antenna
  • 12V External Adapter
  • Spring Wire
  • 220V AC European Standard Power Cord

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Touch Screen
2 x HDMI Input, 3 x USB-A (USB Video) Input
1 x HDMI Output


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